Benedictum – “Dominion” (2011)


Label : Frontiers Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The San Diego, California based band Benedictum returns with their 3rd album “Dominion”. I was always a huge fan of this band, especially the last album “Seasons of Tragedy”. So it was with much anticipation that “Dominion” arrived to my mail box – and I couldn’t have been more excited. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely yes! First off, I always loved the forceful, husky vocals of Veronica Freeman, and those remain intact. Quite frankly, she is like no other female metal vocalist on the scene these days. Her vocals add so much to the powerhouse songs and musicianship that is being supplied by the band. “Dominion” kicks off this 62-minute tour de force in classic Benedictum style. It is with the next two songs “At the Gates” and “Seer” where things really pick up however. “At the Gates” in particular, instantly became a huge favorite thanks to its chunky metal riffs and Veronica’s authoritative vocal delivery. “The Seer” is an excellent mid-tempo number that never lacks the power that Benedictum is known for; it also shows that this band can do more than play headbanging metal anthems. Other highlights include: “Grind It”, “Prodigal Son”, “The Shadowlands”, “Dark Heart” and the 8-minute “Epsilon”. The CD is concluded with two bonus tracks, the first being the acoustically driven “Sanctuary” and the last is a cover of the Rush classic “Overture/The Temples of Syrinx” from the Canadian Rush trio’s “2112” opus. “Dominion” is Benedictum at their best and most metal, proving once and for all that Benedictum is a true metal force to be reckoned with.

Rating – 93/100



  1. Dominion
  2. At the Gates
  3. Seer
  4. Grind It
  5. Prodigal Son
  6. The Shadowlands
  7. Beautiful Pain
  8. Dark Heart
  9. Bang
  10. Loud Silence
  11. Epsilon
  12. Sanctuary (Bonus Track)
  13. Overture / The Temples of Syrinx (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Veronica Freeman – Vocals
  • Pete Wells – Guitar
  • Chris Shrum – Bass
  • Tony Diaz – Keyboards
  • Mikey Pannone – Drums



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