Betty Poison – “Beauty is Over” (2011)


Label : Fastermaster

Review by Tony Cannella

The band Betty Poison are a lot different than most of the bands we are seeing come out of Italy these days. They play a hybrid of post-grunge, alternative, punk and metal. Their sound is almost like a cross between L7 and Hole, so you can pretty much figure out where they’re coming from musically. In fact, they were recently chosen by Courtney Love to open some shows for Hole in Italy. Betty Poison has actually been around for a few years and “Beauty Is Over” is their 2rd album. The band are fronted by singer/guitarist Lucia Rehab (you’ve got to love that name), and there is very little subtlety attached to this 16-song, 53-minutes worth of music that Betty Poison presents here. Most of the songs are pretty short and to the point. Beginning with “Bad Boy Snuff Toy”, Betty Poison presents an in your face sound with plenty of attitude and power. “What About You” is straight-forward and has a punk-like feel to it. Betty Poison also manages to slow things down on darker songs like “July” and “I’m Still a Slut” (which gets my vote for song title of the year). Make no mistake about it, these songs are not soft, ballad type songs, they are only slower in tempo but still maintains the bands alternative sound and a wall of guitars. There is nothing sweet or sentimental on “Beauty Is Over” at all. “Beauty Is Over” is as straight-forward and hard hitting as it gets. The great thing about metal is that it can go in so many different directions; it is not a limiting art form at all, like some people claim. Betty Poison is proof of this and “Beauty Is Over” is an album that probably won’t appeal to traditional metal heads, but fans of the alternative side of the genre should love this.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Bad Boy Snuff Toy
  2. What About You
  3. So Raw
  4. July
  5. The Golden Boy
  6. I’m Still A Slut
  7. I Do
  8. Time
  9. Set It On Fire
  10. Lie Forever
  11. Blackout
  12. My Sexy Star
  13. 45
  14. You
  15. I Say No
  16. Seventeen


Line Up

  • Lucia Rehab – Vocals & Guitar
  • Nunzio Falla – Guitar
  • Mirko Caiazza – Drums



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