Blindfall – “Scars and Secrets” (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

There is something instantly like-able about the Spanish band Blindfall and their new album “Scars and Secrets”. Maybe it is the infectious enthusiasm and energy that comes through the speakers or perhaps it is the punk-like vigor mixed with a heavy pop groove, set to the backdrop of crashing metal riffs. Whatever the case, this band from Spain has got all bases covered on “Scars and Secrets”“Black Dolls” provides a strong beginning. “Deep Inside” keeps up the volume and intensity. The ballad “Truth Left Behind” provides a strong, change-of-pace moment and was one of the highlights for me. The band gets back to rockin’ on “Lost Children”, a powerful and catchy tune. Another different song is “The Question Song”, with its funky beat and rap-like vocals. The band really branches out on this one. Other highlights include: “Love Yourself”, “Scars and Secrets” and “Other Lives”. “Scars and Secrets” from Blindfall is a straight ahead in-your-face rock record.

Rating – 79/100



  1. Black Dolls
  2. Deep Inside
  3. Other Lives
  4. Crossing Minds
  5. Truth Left Behind
  6. Lost Children
  7. Love Yourself
  8. The Question Song
  9. Scars and Secrets
  10. Suspiro 


Line Up

  • Inga – Vocals
  • Jool – Guitar
  • Chema – Bass 
  • Vinsss – Drums


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