Born In Winter – “Dreaming In Season” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in 2005 in Denver, Colorado, Born in Winter first came onto the radar with their debut album in 2007. After releasing another full-length the band returns with their third album “Dreaming in Seasons”. The bands style is an interesting mixture of Gothic/Alternative/Mainstream metal, all rolled up into one. The main focal point in Born in Winter and what really got my attention initially was lead vocalist Nicole Benton. Her voice is just huge, dramatic and highly expressive. She’s got star quality written all over her, oh yeah, and the rest of the band is pretty good too. The opening track “Wasted Life” is actually kind of disarming, as it features some grunt male vocals, before Nicole joins in with her magical voice. Musically, this is about a mid-tempo song, which is the style that Born in Winter plays for the most part. The next track is my favorite. “Martyr” starts off slow, before the pounding riffs comes crashing in, the song is also uplifted by an undeniably catchy chorus, but the main thing that stands out is that riff, and Nicole’s voice. “More Than I Deserve” has a slower tempo, while still being heavy; this song has got some serious mainstream potential. Other highlights include: “Watching Walls Fall”, “Like You”, “Buried in Ashes” and “Nowhere to Hide”. The male grunt vocals return sporadically throughout the CD, but they don’t overwhelm anything and don’t take away from the excellent performance of Nicole. After 8-songs and only about 35-minutes worth of music, it is easy to come away impressed with Born in Winter. There is a ton of depth, character and potential to be had on “Dreaming In Seasons”.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Wasted Life
  2. Martyr
  3. More Than I Deserve
  4. Watching Walls Fall
  5. Like You
  6. Buried in Ashes
  7. Nowhere to Hide
  8. Disappear


Line Up

  • Nicole Benton – Lead Vocals & Cello
  • Izzy Chavez – Guitar & Vocals
  • Nate Salas – Guitar & Vocals
  • Forest Lambert – Bass & Vocals
  • Gary Stafford – Drums & Vocals



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