CairnGorm – “CairnGorm” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

The first thing about the U.K.’s CairnGorm is that they’re really – I mean really – young. The oldest member is bassist Arron Fletcher who is 19 and vocalist Heidi Marsden at only 17 is the youngest. In the grand scheme of things the age thing doesn’t really matter, what matters is the music, is it good or not. That is the question concerning the debut 5 song EP from this Metal combo. So is it good? Unequivocally yes. The debut EP from CairnGorm features five hard-charging, aggression fueled tracks with Death and Thrash Metal influences present. The vocalist Heidi Marsden sings in both clean vocals and growls. The CD features very few – if any – soft moments as it is full speed ahead throughout the course of the 22-minutes presented here. Songs like: “Undead”, “.45” and the closing track “Chains of Repression” are all well done and provide the CD with an aggressively confrontational vibe. Given their young age, CairnGorm has a lot of room to grow and progress and I am sure they have an excellent future in front of them. Currently, CairnGorm is in the process of recording tracks for another album that the band hopes to release in 2011. 

Rating – 76/100



  1. Intro
  2. Undead
  3. One Last Hour
  4. .45
  5. Chains of Repression 


Line Up

  • Heidi Marsden – Vocals, Growls
  • Henry Jewitt – Guitar
  • Joshua Cole – Guitar
  • Arron Fletcher – Bass
  • Stevie Hansell – Drums 



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