Camilla Raven – “Coming Alive” EP (2011)


Label : Ravenheart Music Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Camilla Raven has previously been the lead singer for Gothic Metallers RavenLand. Unfortunately she is no longer a member of that outfit and she has decided to try her luck as a solo artist. Her first solo work is a 4-song, 15-minute EP titled “Coming Alive”. Among the four tracks offered here on “Coming Alive”, there are two new songs, a radio edit of the title track and a cover of The Ramones song “Pet Cemetery” (originally from the movie of the same name). Camilla is joined by producer João Cruz, who also plays all of the instruments and male vocalist Sergio Mazul from the excellent band Semblant. After a brief piano intro the song “Coming Alive” kicks in and develops into a mid-tempo track and you can also hear the contributions of Sergio Mazul on male vocals, there is some definite chemistry between Camilla and Sergio as the two works well together. “Living a Lie” opens with an infectious, energetic riff and this track quickly became my favorite as it does a great job in combining accessible hard rock with Gothic Metal. Once again the duel male/female vocals are on full display here. Next up, we have a cover of The Ramones song “Pet Cemetery”. This is just a nice and beautifully haunting piano ballad that shows a different facet of what Camilla is capable of. The EP is completed by the radio edit of “Coming Alive”. With “Coming Alive”, Camilla Raven has produced a fine debut offering that should more than establish herself as a talented songwriter and vocalist.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Coming Alive
  2. Living A Lie
  3. Pet Cemetery
  4. Coming Alive (Radio Edit)


Line Up

  • Camilla Raven – Vocals
  • Sergio Mazul – Male Vocals
  • João Cruz – All Instruments



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