Cardamon – “Sun as Never” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

On their second album, “Sun as Never”, the Dutch heavy rock outfit Cardamon offers a strong sophomore effort and one that should satisfy fans of the band, I would think. The opening track “Away from the Light”, blasts off with a chunky, persistent guitar riff. Vocalist Floortje Donia is an extremely talented singer and she contributes a lot to the songs. The music of course is excellent as well and they remind me of another outstanding Dutch band, Autumn. “Down Alone” has a nice melodic tone to it with some brief tempo changes and more heavy guitar riffs. “Sun As Never” never lacks good material, “Spanning the Distance”, “All You Were Meant to Be” and “Wide Eyes” are all killer songs, but my favorite was the up-tempo “Amaze Yourself (Sun as Never)”. This song instantly stands out because of its positive, up-tempo vibe. Musically, there is not much variation on “Sun as Never”, so the album may get old for some fans. But for the most part “Sun as Never” keeps a consistent pace and Cardamon is another promising addition to Holland’s metal tradition. Oh, and by the way, you can download their album free at their official website.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Away from the Light
  2. Down Alone
  3. Spanning the Distance
  4. All You Were Meant To Be
  5. Antithesis
  6. Masterminds
  7. Deaf or Blind
  8. Walk on By
  9. Amaze Yourself (Sun As Never)
  10. Wide Eyes

Line Up

  • Floortje Donia – Vocals
  • Koen Romeijn – Guitars
  • Kevin Storm – Guitars
  • Luuk van Gerven – Bass
  • Michael van der Kolk – Drums



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