Cassandra Syndrome – “Satire X” (2011)


Label : Figmental Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Maryland’s Operatic Metal Band Cassandra Syndrome returns with their second album “Satire X”. On their debut release, the excellent “Of Patriots and Tyrants”, Cassandra Syndrome already made some strong inroads in the Operatic Metal field and it made a huge impression among metal fans everywhere. With “Satire X” the band continues to present a rawer, stripped down approach than your typical Symphonic Metal band. Lyrically, Cassandra Syndrome still has something substantial and topical to say in their songs. Beginning with the strong opener “No More Peace Forever”, the band is firing on all cylinders. Some powerfully heavy riffs makes up a large part of the CD and the operatic vocals of Irene Jericho remains happily intact. Throughout the course of this 46-minute disc, the song that really stood out for me is the galloping guitar heavy “The Fool”. Cassandra Syndrome follows that excellent piece up another strong number “The Magus”, which has a powerful up-tempo feel to it, and is just plain heavy and another track that is just a complete winner. “Shackles” begins with Irene hauntingly singing the old lullaby “Hush Little Baby” as some more heavy, and I do mean heavy guitar riff-age joins the fray as the song really picks up some steam. Other highlights include: “Hell on Earth”, “Poison Rain”, “The Priestess” and “Pestilence”. In my mind, Cassandra Syndrome had a lot to live up to on their second album “Satire X” and they have pulled through with flying colors. As far as American Metal bands go, Cassandra Syndrome is one of the better bands to come from the States in a number of years.

Rating – 95/100



  1. No More Peace Forever
  2. Hell on Earth
  3. The Fool
  4. The Magus
  5. Shackles
  6. Poison Rain
  7. The Priestess
  8. What You Wanted
  9. The Iron Cross
  10. Pestilence


Line Up

  • Irene Jericho – Lead Vocals
  • Jen Tonon – Guitar & Background Vocals
  • Chris Kackley – Lead Guitar
  • Joe Cariola – Bass & Background Vocals
  • Jay Jericho – Drums



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