Chaos of Paradise – “Chaos of Paradise” DEMO (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Coming from Portugal, the band Chaos in Paradise play riff heavy progressive power metal. The songs on this self-titled demo feature plenty of stellar guitar work, some very good, soaring vocals by frontwoman Sara and 4-songs and 17-minutes worth of intricate, heavy and passionate music. The songs are heavy and the band incorporate some great melodic moments as well. The demo opens with “Dawn”, a fast paced guitar driven track that really kicks things into high gear. One of the many impressive things to consider is the great guitar work provided by Alexander and Pedro, as they work in conjunction with the powerful vocals of Sara.Next up is the complex “Heading North” which really fast became my favorite song on the demo. The final two songs “The Meaning of Being Imposed” and “Antagonized” really add to the great quality of the songs. Chaos in Paradise are another band that I wasn’t at all familiar with prior to hearing this demo. The results of the bands hard work are undeniable and the songs are very well written and had an immediate impact. These 4-songs have a live and energetic quality to them as well. I am sure they sound great in a live setting and that comes through loud and clear on this recording.

Rating – 91/100



  1. Dawn
  2. Heading North
  3. The Meaning of Being Imposed
  4. Antagonized


Line Up

  • Sara Valente – Vocals
  • Alexander Andrade – Guitar
  • Pedro Almeida – Guitar
  • 19 – Bass
  • Quik – Drums & Vocals



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