Citizen Charlie – “Citizen Charlie” (2009)


Label : Drugstore Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Norway comes Citizen Charlie. This one caught me totally by surprise, the style of Citizen Charlie is hard – down n’ dirty, in-your-face – rock, with some elements of Punk thrown in there as well. Their self-titled debut has just been released via Drugstore records. The CD contains 11-songs and 39-minutes worth of high energy, high octane rock n’ roll. The country of Norway is perhaps best known for it’s black metal scene but Citizen Charlie are here to prove that there is more to the Norwegian music scene than black metal – and man, they have made that statement loud and clear with their debut.The oh, so subtle lead off track “Pulling Out Your Nails”. This is a great first impression as the band showcase their basic rock n’roll style with their AC/DC like riffs and their punk rock attitude and swagger. Lead vocalist Charlie has a lot of attitude and energy in her voice and the band add some great energy and adrenalin to the songs as well. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poser” and “Bring It On” are two more songs that keep the pace going full-speed ahead. Probably my favorite track is the mid-tempo number “I Still Wanna”, this would make a great single if the band chose to release one off this album. It’s a bit of a change of pace from the rest of the material but it works quite well and the chorus is just so infectious that it is impossible not to love. Other highlights include: “Wounded Lion”, “Kill You All” and “Running Wild”, with the final track “Holding On” wrapping things up nicely. All of the songs are in the 3-4 minute range and their impact is immediate. Citizen Charlie are different from your typical female fronted metal, their debut album features plenty of rock solid riffs and great songs. If given the right kind of exposure, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Citizen Charlie seep into the mainstream – and it would be well deserved.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Pulling Out Your Nails
  2. Rock’n’roll Poser
  3. Bring It On
  4. Wounded Lion
  5. Cheater
  6. Kill You All
  7. Running Wild
  8. Ain’t Gonna Take It
  9. Beer & Rock’n’roll
  10. I Still Wanna
  11. To Dance by Moonlight
  12. Holding On
  13. Bluer Skies
  14. Passages

Line Up

  • Charlie Forsberg – Vocals
  • Tarje Kjorlaug – Guitars
  • Endre Hallre Hareide – Bass 
  • Remi Fagereng – Drums 



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