Citizen Charlie – “Up Yours” (2012)


Label : Rocksektor Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The second album from Norway’s Citizen Charlie Up Yours” (album title of the year, in my opinion), was originally released in 2010. In 2008 they released their self-title debut, which was a pretty cool throwback to classic hard rock music, fused with the energy and attitude of punk; you mix in a little bit of Alternative Metal and you’ve got Citizen Charlie. “Up Yours”, doesn’t deviate too far from that musical path. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. With an album title like “Up Yours”, you would think that Citizen Charlie packs a bit of attitude in their songs, and you’d be right. The high speed riffing of “Until the Day” gets us started. Throughout the course of the album, Citizen Charlie does not let up for one second; they come at you fast and hard and there is not a ballad in site. Other fine examples of what “Up Yours” has to offer are: “All in All”, “Give It Up”, “Out of this World” and “Up Yours”. It’s all very basic and pure rock n’ roll, and that is my favorite thing about Citizen Charlie, you know what you are going to get and not be disappointed, there is something to said for that. “Up Yours” is a pretty good and consistent follow to their debut. “Up Yours” features 11-songs and 42-minutes worth of forceful material that heads straight for the jugular. Besides, how can you hate an album titled “Up Yours”?

Rating – 77/100



  1. Until the Day
  2. All In All
  3. So What to Do
  4. Give It Up
  5. Out of This World
  6. Up Yours
  7. Watch You Die
  8. Don’t Tell Me
  9. So You Think
  10. Faith No More
  11. Losing


Line Up

  • Charlie Forsberg – Vocals
  • Ola Hakon Svendsen – Guitar
  • Niko Grasaasen – Guitar
  • Jon Øyvind Nordby – Bass
  • Fredrik  A. Olsen – Drums



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