Closterkeller – “Aurum” (2010)


Label : Universal Music Poland

Review By Tony Cannella 

The Polish Avant-Garde/atmospheric metal band Closterkeller has been in existence since 1988.  They have quietly has amassed a significant catalogue of music and been an influence and inspiration to many in the atmospheric metal scene. Their new album “Aurum” is their 8th studio album and is also my introduction to this wonderfully unique band. Closterkeller sings mainly in their native polish language. The songs on “Aurum” feature some good bits of heaviness, combined with melody to enhance the overall atmosphere. Lead vocalist Anja Orthodox has been the one constant in this band, as she has been there from the beginning.  She’s got a strong vocal style that really helps define the band’s sound on songs like the great opener, “Ogród Półcieni”. The musicians in the band deserve massive amounts of credit as well.  The second song “Złoty” is a nice, moody song that involves some cool changes in tempo. Other highlights include: “Déjà vu”, “Matka” and “Vendetta”. Closterkeller will not appeal to everyone, but their eclectic nature is sure to please fans who like adventurous music.  With a playing time of over 70-minutes, there is a lot of music to be heard on “Aurum” but the end result is very rewarding.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Ogród półcieni
  2. Złoty
  3. Nocarz
  4. Vendetta
  5. Na nic to
  6. 12 dni
  7. Deja vu
  8. Nie tylko gra
  9. Między piekłem a niebem
  10. I skończona bajka
  11. Matka
  12. Dwie połowy
  13. Królewna z czekolady

Line Up

  • Anja Orthodox – Vocals, keyboards
  • Mariusz Kumala – Guitar
  • Michał “Rollo” Rollinger – Keyboards
  • Krzysztof Najman – Bass
  • Janusz Jastrzębowski – Drums



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