Comus – “East of Sweden – Live at The Melloboat Festival 2008” (2011)


Label : Gnostic Dirt 

Review by Luisa Mercier

I did not know much about Comus before listening to this live album. I have came to know that it is a sort of reunion album after a long period of time (since 1972 they say in the live recording). As soon as I started listening, I understood that they are a worthy band anyway. They play a kind of progressive rock highly influenced by folk music with the addition of various instruments, flute above all. They have a ’70s flavor that is missing in contemporary music which sounds completely fresh to me since I had not the chance to live the period in which this kind of music was more popular. Musically they’re still perfect, and vocally Roger Wootton is obviously aged, but he still sounds good and the live recording is good. Someone complained about the fact that the crowd was barely audible, but for me it is better this way since I want to focus on the music not the audience. For lovers of prog rock, old flavors and moods this is a release they will enjoy for sure.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Song to Comus 
  2. Diana 
  3. The Herald 
  4. Drip, Drip
  5. The Prisoner
  6. Venus in Furs
  7. Song to Comus 


Line Up

  • Roger Wootton – Guitar & Vocals
  • Bobbie Watson – Vocals & Percussion
  • Glenn Goring – 6 String, 12 String Guitar & Bongos
  • Andy Hellaby – Bass
  • Jon Seagroatt – Flute & Percussion 
  • Colin Pearson -Violin & Viola



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