Control the Storm – Demo 2011


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The UK’s Control the Storm was formed in 2010. Their first recorded output is a professionally sounding (and looking) 3-song demo totaling about 15-minutes worth of high quality Power Metal music. The unfortunate thing about this demo is that it is so short but it provides a glimpse into what this band is capable of. Some nice piano kicks off the opening track, “No Chance at All”, before the serenity is shattered under a barrage of massive guitar riffs. This is an up-tempo opener that gallops along and features a great sing-along type of chorus, which really stuck in my head after I heard it for the first time. Lead vocalist Hayley Martin has a pretty strong voice. Her style is clean and not operatic like so many of today’s female singers, and she compliments the music very well with her voice. “Day of Days” is up next and is highlighted by some more mammoth guitar riffing. This song maintains the up-tempo direction, only heavier, surprisingly some male grunt vocals surface briefly in this song. The final number “Twisted Truth” once again opens with piano, before the heavy guitars comes crashing in. This is more of a mid-tempo song, with a great melody. This ended things on a powerful note and left me wanting more. In my opinion, Power Metal is a hit-or-miss proposition. Of course there are many outstanding bands in the genre and some that are maybe not so outstanding. Based upon what I have heard on this 3-song demo, Control the Storm has something substantial to offer the genre and could well fall into the ‘outstanding’ category. Time will tell, but this is one band that will be worth keeping an eye on.

Rating – 80/100



  1. No Chance at All
  2. Day of Days
  3. Twisted Truth


Line Up

  • Hayley Martin – Vocals
  • Rich Shillitoe – Guitars
  • Daryl Barrett-Cross – Guitars
  • Raedon Mac – Keyboards
  • Becky Baldwin – Bass
  • Gareth Arlett – Drums



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