Coronatus – “Terra Incognita” (2011)


Label : Massacre Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The double female fronted German metal band Coronatus returns with their fourth release “Terra Incognita”. The duel female vocals provided by Mareike Makosch and Ada Flechtner are still very much intact on “Terra Incognita”. Throughout the 55-minutes worth of playing time Coronatus present songs in both their native German language and in English. The opener, “Saint Slayer” – sung in English – is perhaps one of the strongest songs on “Terra Incognita” and Coronatus follows that up with the equally melodically solid “Fernes Land” which has a folk-ish vibe to it. Next, “A Dead Man’s Tale” starts off at a galloping pace before slowing down for some classically styled piano work, before galloping off once again. This is a song filled with some huge chunky guitar riffing and a mostly up-tempo melody. The two vocalists continue to work well together, providing a solid give and take as the album progresses. “Sie Stehn Am Weg” is a grinding track that once again is a perfect showcase for the two different styles the female vocalists present. The highlight is the “In Signo Crucis Trilogy”. “Der Kleriker”, “Das Zweit Gesicht” and “In Signo Crucis” make up the trilogy and might be the most mature thing Coronatus has ever done. “Terra Incognita” is a solid fourth effort that should please fans of Coronatus. Coronatus has a great deal of potential and slowly but surely they are starting to realize it.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Saint Slayer
  2. Fernes Land
  3. A Dead Man’s Tale
  4. Sie Stehn Am Weg
  5. Vor Der Schlacht
  6. Hateful Affection
  7. Der Kleriker (In Signo Crucis Trilogy)
  8. Das Zweit Gesicht (In Signo Crucis Trilogy)
  9. In Signo Crucis (In Signo Crucis Trilogy)
  10. Der Letze Freund
  11. Traumzeit
  12. Terra Incognita

Line Up

  • Mareike Makosch – Vocals
  • Ada Flechtner – Vocals
  • Aria Keramati Noori – Guitar
  • Simon Hassemer – Keyboards
  • Dirk Baur – Bass
  • Mats Kurth – Drums



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