Crimfall – “The Writ of Sword” (2011)


Label : Spinefarm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Helsinki, Finland comes the Symphonic/Epic/Viking/ Folk Metal band Crimfall. In 2009, they released their full-length debut “As the Path Unfolds…”. Their new album is titled “The Writ of Sword”. Admittedly, I have never heard this band before, so I have nothing to compare “The Writ of Sword” to, but I have to say that after one listen (and subsequent listens), I like what I’ve heard. Crimfall are fronted by the dueling male/female vocals of Helena and Mikko. Helena’s powerhouse vocal style clashes with Mikko’s more aggressive approach. Sure, that’s nothing new, but who cares, when it’s done well it adds a lot to the songs, and the two vocalists at work in Crimfall, do their thing very well. After the obligatory intro “Dicembré”, Crimfall comes storming out of the gates with the powerful “Storm Before the Calm”. This is really a heavy track with a bit of a Thrash Metal vibe. The opening to the next track “Frost Upon Their Graves” slows the pace down with an acoustic intro, before the heavy guitars comes crashing in. This is a good mid-paced song and one of my favorites. Other highlights include: “The Writ of Sword”, the 8-minute “Silver and Bones” and “Son of North”. “The Writ of Sword” is a hard driving, relentless sophomore release that rarely falters. Fans of Battlelore, Turisas and Eluveitie would be well advised to check this band out.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Dicembré
  2. Storm Before the Calm
  3. Frost Upon Their Graves
  4. Cáhceravga
  5. Shackles of the Moirai
  6. The Writ of Sword
  7. Geadgái
  8. Silver and Bones
  9. Son of North 


Line Up

  • Helena Haaparanta – Vocals
  • Mikko Häkkinen – Vocals
  • Jakke Viitala – Guitars
  • Miska Sipiläinen – Bass
  • Janne Jukarainen – Drums 



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