Crimson Sky – “Misunderstood” (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Crimson Sky are a 5-member Progressive Rock band from the U.K. With their newly released, “Misunderstood” opus the band have delivered a piece of work that is as good as any prog rock recording I have heard in recent years. In fact, it is not just a good “prog” record, it is also a very good rock record. The band are fronted by the heart-felt vocals of Holly Anne Thrody, who along with the rest of the band members have delivered a memorable mix of songs, that range from the accessible to the epic and everything in-between.  “After the Rain” is the very effective opening track. It definitely gets your attention, which is what good opener’s should do. Next we have “Turn It Up”, “Season’s End” and “Things Die”, a trio of songs that keep things moving along consistently. The 10-minute “A Sleep That Burns” is nice, long track that never gets boring. The album is completed by the 32-minute, “Misunderstood Suite”, which is actually divided into 6-parts and closes “Misunderstood” with class and style. “I Do Not Count the Time”, in particular quickly became a huge favorite.Crimson Sky are a band that should fit in with such greats of the genre like Marillion and King Crimson, while adding their own classic twist on things. Whatever your opinions are about prog rock, “Misunderstood” is a release that can appeal to larger audience outside the prog genre.

Rating – 85/100



  1. After the Rain
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Season’s End
  4. Things Die
  5. A Sleep That Burns
  6. Misunderstood I (Misunderstood Suite)
  7. The Sea (Misunderstood Suite)
  8. I Do Not Count the Time  (Misunderstood Suite)
  9. Misunderstood II  (Misunderstood Suite)
  10. The Space Between Us (Misunderstood Suite)
  11. Misunderstood II  (Misunderstood Suite)

Line Up

  • Holly Anne Thody – Vocals
  • Martin Leamon – Guitars
  • Chris Cadey – Keyboards
  • Clive Lambert – Bass 
  • Scott Maynard – Drums 



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