Crysalys – “The Awakening of Gaia” (2011)


Label : Wormhole Death/Aural Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s power, operatic metal band Crysalys released their debut EP “White Lotus on Acheron Shores” in 2007, it has been a long time in coming, but the band has finally released their debut full-length “The Awakening of Gaia”. The album opens on a definite high note with the excellent title track. “The Awakening of Gaia” is a great way to open the album and is hands down one of the strongest tracks that Crysalys has to offer. The band has also made a video for the song, which you can view at all of the usual outlets (YouTube, etc., etc.). The main focus of Crysalys is based around the ultra-operatic (and some would say over-the-top) vocals of Chiara Malvestiti. Sure, some may be turned off by her approach, but there is no denying the passion and energy she puts into the songs. In addition to Chiara, Crysalys is made up of a stellar group of musicians, who each adds their own personal touch to the proceedings. The next track “Butterfly Effect” starts off with a slow tempo before the band comes in and the song transforms into a beautiful melodic mid-tempo number and Chiara’s vocals are really fantastic on this one. This would make a great choice for a second video, in my opinion. “Angelica” starts off with a sweet intro before the heavy guitars comes crashing in, this song has a mournful melody and vibe and certainly is another worthy highlight. The tempo speeds up significantly for the next track “Scarlet Crusade”. Other highlights include: “By Stars Revealed”, “My Will Be Done”, “Lilium” and “…and Let the Innocent Dream”. The final tally is 10-songs and 45-minutes worth of energetic, impassioned music from Crysalys. “The Awakening of Gaia” is definitely an album that was worth the wait.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Awakening of Gaia
  2. Butterfly Effect
  3. Angelica
  4. Scarlet Crusade
  5. By Stars Revealed
  6. My Will Be Done
  7. When Sirens Sing
  8. Time For Vultures
  9. Lilium
  10. …and Let the Innocent Dream


Line Up

  • Chiara Malvestiti – Vocals
  • Lorenzo Marcelloni – Guitars
  • Fabio Amurri – Keyboards
  • Giuseppe Cardinali – Bass
  • Alessandro Camela – Drums



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