Crysalys – “White Lotus on Acheron’ Shores” EP (2008)


Independent Release/SG Promotions

Review by Tony Cannella

Crysalys are a 5-piece band out of Italy. They are fronted by vocalist Chiara Malvestiti (aka Dusk) and they have just released their 5-song mini-CD, “White Lotus on Acheron’ Shores”. The band have also coined the term Melodicore to describe their music and after listening to the CD that is indeed an apt description. What is melodicore you ask? Take inspiration from such seminal metal core bands as Killswitch Engage, Caliban and Lamb of God and mixed with healthy doses of melody and you have melodicore. The CD begins with the intro track “The Morning Star”. It features some eerie horror movie style music as Chiara‘s soprano vocals come in accompanied by a male demonic sounding voice. This leads us into the frenzied “Angels Never Fall”. This song is crushingly heavy and sees Chiara utilizing more of a mid-range approach but she also switches to her high pitched soprano voice at certain points in the song. It’s really cool how she switches from one style to another in a moments notice. Next, we have “Lilium”. This is more of a mid-tempo – yet still heavy as all hell – number. This track is definitely a highlight and one of the best songs offered up on this disc. Next, we have “Hellstorm”. This song starts off at a frenetic pace and never lets up. Again, Chiara goes from mid-range to soprano so effortlessly. She’s got a ton of talent as do the whole band. Alessandro Camela really shines on drums here, but the whole band really gives everything they have on this CD. It is so mindbogglingly heavy. The final track “My Delirium” is another brutaly heavy track. It starts off with male death metal-like vocals that are supplied by Jacob Bredhal and then Chiara comes in. The duet between the two really adds to the heaviness and drama of the song. Their two styles are obviously very different, but they come together to create a song that is the perfect closer. Overall “White Lotus on Acheron’ Shores”  is a pretty damn good CD that doesn’t let up for one second and barely gives the listener a chance to breathe. With a running time of about 20-minutes, the songs on this CD hit you hard and fast. Crysalys packs a wallop that is simply ferocious but leaves you wanting more.

Rating – 75/100



  1. The Morning Star (Intro)
  2. Angels Never Fall
  3. Lilium
  4. Hellstorm
  5. My Delirium


Line Up

  • Chiara “Dusk” Malvestiti – Vocals
  • Giampaolo “Diurno” Squadroni – Guitars & Programming
  • Mario “Voivoda” Brillarelli – Guitar 
  • Matteo “Dwarf” D’Ottavio – Bass 
  • Alessandro “Doomtrain” Camela – Drums  



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