Crystal Viper – “Defenders of the Magic Circle : Live in Germany” LIVE ALBUM (2010)


Label : AFM Records

Review By Tony Cannella

You always know what you are going to get with Poland’s Crystal Viper – just pure, unadulterated Heavy Metal. Their latest release, “Defenders Of the Magic Circle: Live in Germany” combines the best of both worlds, live and studio. The first 6-songs were recorded live at the Magic Circle Festival in Germany, while the last 4-tracks are studio songs that are either rare or previously unreleased songs.With the first part of the CD, you get to hear Crystal Viper in all of their live glory and man, I can tell you that the intensity and energy really does come blasting through. The intro track, “Breaking the Curse” sets the stage for the great opening track and an excellent way to start any Crystal Viper gig, “Metal Nation” which begins things in an adrenalized fashion. From there the band storm through such favorites as, “Legions of Truth”, “Shadows on the Horizon” with it’s great sing-along chorus and “The Last Axeman” closes out the live portion of the CD. The first of the studio set is, “Secrets of Black Water”, the song features a grinding, deliberate pace with pounding rhythm’s and the strong vocals of Marta Gabriel. This song is just a taste of what to expect on the next Crystal Viper studio release. Next, is the powerful unreleased track, “The Wolf and the Witch”. The album is completed by the fast past, heavy track, “Stronghold Under Siege” and a previously unreleased cover of the Virgin Steel track, “Obsession”.After 10-songs and 48-minutes worth of metal mayhem, “Defenders of the Magic Circle” is indeed, Crystal Viper at the top of their game. This is definitely a great release for fans of the band, or if you are just into true Heavy Metal. Still, it would be nice if the band released a complete live album and DVD, but “Defenders of the Magic Circle: Live in Germany” will hold us over nicely until the band release their next studio album.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Breaking the Curse
  2. Metal Nation
  3. Legions of Truth
  4. Island of the Silver Skull
  5. Shadows On the Horizon
  6. The Last Axeman
  7. Secrets of Black Water
  8. The Wolf and the Witch
  9. Stronghold Under Siege
  10. Obsession


Line Up

  • Marta Gabriel – Vocals
  • Andy Wave – Guitar
  • Tom “Golem” Woryna – Bass
  • Tomasz Danczak – Drums



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