Crystal Viper – “Legends” (2010)


Label : AFM Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Are you ready for some true Heavy Metal?  The thing that I have always loved about Poland’s Kings – and queen – of true heavy metal is the fact that you always know what you are getting when they put out new material; sometimes familiarity is a good thing.  Crystal Viper set their course in 2007 with their debut “The Curse of Crystal Viper”.  With the release of their highly anticipated 3rd studio album “Legends”, Crystal Viper continues to wear their metal hearts on their sleeves. After the cool narrative intro “The Truth”, Crystal Viper tears into the Running Wild style opener “The Ghost Ship”. Driving guitar harmonies and an all out metal assault drive this ferocious opener. Throughout the course of “Legends” Crystal Viper doesn’t stray too far from what they have become known for. “Legends” features 46-minutes worth of anthemic and powerful material and the great vocals of Marta Gabriel are a high point, as always. “Legends” is pretty much straight-forward heavy metal from the word go, the only exception being the excellent ballad “Sydonia Bork”. Other highlights include: “Blood of the Heroes”, “Greed Is Blind”, “Secret of the Black Water” and “A Man of Stone”. A cover of the Accept song  “TV War” brings the CD to a close in keeping with Crystal Viper‘s tradition of covering interesting tracks from classic metal bands. It is easy to see why Crystal Viper has been amassing a loyal cult following over the years. “Legends” is this Polish band at their best – and most metal.

Rating – 87/100



  1. The Truth (Intro)
  2. The Ghost Ship
  3. Blood of the Heroes
  4. Greed Is Blind
  5. Sydonia Bork
  6. Goddess of Death
  7. Night of the Sin
  8. Secret of the Black Water
  9. A Man of Stone
  10. Black Leviathan
  11. TV War (Accept cover) 


Line Up 

  • Marta Gabriel – Vocals, Guitars
  • Andy Wave – Guitars
  • Tom Woryna – Bass
  • Golem – Drums 



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