Crystal Viper – “Metal Nation” (2009)


Label : Karthago Records

Review by Tony Cannella

After the opening intro “Breaking the Curse” the band absolutely tear into the title track “Metal Nation” and there is no looking back from that point on. I am sure with the sing-along type of chorus this will be a live favorite in no time. The band continues to bring the metal with the next track “Bringer of the Light”, this is another solid moment that sees the band really bringing up the intensity a notch (or two), the riffs and the solos provided by Andy Wave are quite infectious and impressive and Marta Gabriel‘s vocals pack a huge punch as she puts everything she has into every note she sings. “1428” is another excellent track that provides no let-up to the intensity of the CD. Other highlights include: “The Anvil of Hate”, the beautiful ballad “Her Crimson Tears” and “Legions of Truth”. While the band are indeed influenced by early to mid-80’s metal (an influence they proudly wear on their sleeves), it would be unfair to describe them as dated, to the contrary Crystal Viper sound fresh and exciting to me. The final track is a rip-roaring cover of the Agent Steel song “Agents of Steel”, this is a great way to end the CD as the band really sound like a hungry metal juggernaut. Lyrically, the band like to delve into mysticism and fantasy type subject matter and the songs have such power and energy, giving the album a definite live feeling.“Metal Nation” is a true metal album that never fails to impress. The songs are packed with conviction and energy and are definitely a throwback to days gone by and that is just fine by me. Crystal Viper probably won’t appeal to fans of the newer metal bands (sadly), but if you’re looking for a band that pays tribute to a bygone era, while still being current and relevant, then join the “Metal Nation” and give Crystal Viper a shot. As the saying goes, ‘everything old is new again’ – thank God for that.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Breaking the Curse
  2. Metal Nation
  3. Bringer of the Light
  4. 1428
  5. The Anvil of Hate
  6. Zombie Lust (Flesh Eaters)
  7. Her Crimson Tears
  8. Legions of Truth
  9. Gladiator, Die by the Blade
  10. The Space Between Us
  11. Agent of Steel (Agent Steel Cover)

Line Up

  • Marta Gabriel – Vocals
  • Andy Wave – Guitars
  • Tom Woryna – Bass 
  • Tomasz Danczak (Golem) – Drums 



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