Crystal Viper – “The Curse of the Crystal Viper” RE-ISSUE (2012)


Label : AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Originally released in 2007, AFM Records have recently re-issued the debut album “The Curse of Crystal Viper” from Poland’s classic metal heroes Crystal Viper. In addition to the full album, this new version also features five rare bonus tracks that have appeared on tribute albums and hard to find material, so while these songs may not be un-released per-se they are still rare and thus valuable to any Crystal Viper fan. What can be said about “The Curse of Crystal Viper”? I remember the first time I heard it and being blown away by its sheer power and ferocity. It also gave me a feeling of when I got into metal in the first place in the early 80s. Crystal Viper really captures that vibe, but musically they go beyond that. Lead vocalist Marta Gabriel has got a great classic metal vocal style. The somewhat Running Wild like intro “…I See Him!” starts things and segues straight into the Iron Maiden style riffs and guitar harmonies of “Night Prowler”. Some of Crystal Vipers best songs appear on this album: “Shadows on the Horizon”, “Island of the Silver Skull” and “Sleeping Swords” is all considered Crystal Viper classics. Among the ‘bonus’ tracks, you get a covers of the Manilla Road track “Flaming Metal Systems” and Warlock’s “Mr. Gold” as well as alternate versions of “Demons’ Dagger”, “The Last Axeman” and “Sleeping Swords”. This is top-notch classic metal played Crystal Viper style. In Re-visiting their debut, it is easy to see why they have become one of best bands in their genre. Crystal Viper continues to churn out classic metal, but this is where it all began and thus a will always have a special place in my heart.

 Rating – 85/100



  1. …I See Him! (Intro)
  2. Night Prowler
  3. Shadows on the Horizon
  4. City of the Damned
  5. The Last Axeman
  6. Island of the Silver Skull
  7. I Am Leather Witch
  8. Demons’ Dagger
  9. The Fury (Undead)
  10. Sleeping Swords
  11. Flaming Metal Systems (Manilla Road Cover)
  12. Demon’s Dagger (2008 version)
  13. The Last Axeman (Polish version)
  14. Sleeping Swords (2008 version)
  15. Mr. Gold (Warlock Cover)


Line Up

  • Marta Gabriel – Vocals, Guitar
  • Andy Wave – Guitars
  • Tommy Roxx – Bass
  • Golem – Drums



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