Cuatro Gatos – “Me Arriesgaré” (2010)


Label : Avispa Music

Review by Tony Cannella 

Spain’s Cuatro Gatos formed in 2001. Thus far, they have released three full-length albums and now their newest acoustic album, which is called “Me Arriesgaré”. Incidentally, the name Cuatro Gatos when translated into English means Four Cats, yet there are six members in the band, go figure. Among the material you will find on this release is 52-minutes worth of mostly acoustic music, all of which is sung in the bands native Spanish language. The majority of the vocals are handled by the male vocalist, Juanmi Rodriguez (he is quite the instrumentalist as he also contributes keyboards and guitars). Female vocalist Covadonga Martínez is not featured as prominently as the male but she does a great job when called upon. The biggest surprise for me was the song “Al Final del Mundo”, which is a cover of the Nightwish song “The Islander” sung in Spanish. Aside from that the majority of the material is quite strong and consistent for the most part. Spain keeps contributing some great bands to the Metal universe, and while the newest release from Cuatro Gatos is not strictly metal, it is beautifully done. It definitely has me curious about their earlier material.

Rating – 73/100



  1. Es Tu Momento
  2. Más allá de la Realidad
  3. Me Arriesgaré
  4. Sálvame
  5. Lo Que Hay Detrás
  6. Siembre Viento
  7. Al Final del Mundo (The Islander)
  8. En Tierra de Nadie
  9. Tocaba Correr
  10. Adios
  11. Hermano Enemigo


Line Up

  • Juanmi Rodriguez – Vocals, keyboards, guitars and acoustic guitar
  • Covadonga Martínez – Voices and choirs
  • Arellano Joaquin “Boy”- Drums, vocals
  • Oscar Salas “Cherokee” – Bass and vocals
  • Ismael Filteau “Filth”- Keyboards, vocals
  • Pedro Vela “Peter Candle” – Guitars, vocals




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