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Review By Tony Cannella

Darksky are a speed/progressive metal band from Italy. Their debut release (excluding their previous EP “Crimson Butterfly”)“Where Angels Hide” has just been issued, and it features 9-songs and 41-minutes worth of high quality and classy prog metal that should please fans of the genre. Although the band gets lumped into the progressive metal genre, there are other styles involved as well, like Symphonic Metal and Hard Rock. Whatever the case, “Where Angels Hide” is a highly enjoyable debut.From the opening track “Memento” you get a pretty good indicator of what to expect throughout “Where Angels Hide”. Intricately played musicianship is combined with some great melodicism and tempo changes, with the crystal clear vocals of Alis leading the way. The CD continues at a pretty good pace throughout with songs like “The Door”, “The Colours of Dream”, “Lightstorm”, “Lex Aeterna” and “Fatal Frame”.There are plenty of strong moments throughout the CD, but probably the biggest highlight for me is the great ballad “The Last Rose”. Alis‘s vocals are simply breathtaking on this one and the musicianship and style make it more interesting than most ballads. All-in-all a pretty good debut effort from this Italian band. This band is certainly very talented but they also have some great songs which is quite apparent throughout “Where Angels Hide”.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Memento
  2. The Door
  3. The Colours of Dream
  4. A Way Out for the Sinner
  5. Lightstorm
  6. Peaceful Place
  7. Lex Aeterna
  8. The Last Rose
  9. Fatal Frame


Line Up

  • Francesca “Alis” Bos – Vocals
  • Francesco Diblasio – Guitar
  • Max Diblasio – Keyboards
  • Paolo Sciaresa – Bass
  • Davide Martinelli – Drums



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