Dawn of Destiny – “Human Fragility” (2009)


Label: Shark Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Germany’s Dawn of Destiny have previously released two full-length CDs. Their first was titled (appropriately enough) “Begins” and they followed that up with, “Rebellion in Heaven” in 2008. Now the band have returned with their third full-length, titled “Human Fragility” and it is packed some pretty relentless symphonic, power metal that should please fans of Helloween. What makes Dawn of Destiny a bit different than their contemporaries is the lyrical subject matter that can be found on “Human Fragility”. Rather than sing about fantasy themes (which is also cool), the band take on real subjects with their lyrics, such as human relationship, diseases, dreams and fears. On the lyric sheet main songwriter/bass player Jens Faber offers a bit of an explanation of what each individual song is about, another cool thing about the lyrics is that they have a hopefulness and optimistic quality about them, they don’t beat you over the head with the negative. That in and of itself is admirable. “Human Fragility” lasts for 15-songs and well over 60-minutes long, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth from Dawn of Destiny. The vocals Tanja Maul are another positive aspect of this CD, she has a good range that she utilizes to it’s fullest on “Human Fragility”. Two of the best songs on the CD are helped out by two guest stars: Axxis vocalist Bernhard Weiss shares vocal duties with Tanja Maul on “Unborn Child” and Elegy frontman Ian Parry joins in on the excellent title track. Other highlights include: “Destiny Unknown” (which has a “Keepers… era Helloween-ish chorus), “In a Heartless World” and the great melodic track “Learning to Fly”. In my opinion the main highlight comes with Egyptian themed “Ten Plagues of Egypt”. The band really flex their muscles on this one and the chant along chorus and the extreme male vocals add a nice touch to the song. One thing I have found in the time that I have been reviewing CDs is that there are a lot of good power metal bands from all over the world, and contrary to popular opinion a lot of them have something different and unique to offer the listener. Dawn of Destiny are one of the best, that I’ve heard in quite awhile. The songs are so wonderfully crafted, mixing crunchy metal riffs with the symphonic and melodic bombast of say and early Helloween or Savatage. This German band may have what it takes to break out from the crowded power metal pack and really make a name for themselves – if that doesn’t come to fruition, there is no denying the fact that they’ve made a great album..

Rating – 95/100


  1. Decadence of a Heart
  2. Silent Suffering
  3. Unborn Child
  4. In a Heartless World
  5. Learning to Fly
  6. A Better Time to Come
  7. Human Fragility
  8. Destiny Unknown
  9. Ten Plagues of Egypt
  10. Dying Alone
  11. End of Pain
  12. Blown Away
  13. One Heart
  14. Unchained Someday
  15. For Love

Line Up

  • Tanja Maul – Vocals
  • Veith Offenbächer– Guitars
  • André Reis – Guitars
  • Dirk Rackiewicz – Keyboards
  • Jens Faber – Bass 
  • Patrick Klose – Drums 



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