Decembers Fall – “Awakening” (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Decembers Fall are a female fronted 4-piece outfit from New York City. The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Francesca Scivetti. She is joined by fellow musicians: Luis (guitars), Seann (bass) and Joe (drums). They incorporate an eclectic mix of elements that include – but are not limited to- progressive, rock and alternative. The title song “Awakening” gets things underway with a heavy, down-tuned riff and this song really a high standard for what is to come. This is actually one of my favorite songs on this disc. After that is the 40-second piano driven track “62606” that leads us into “Falling Away”. This song is only about 3-minutes long, buy it’s got a cool tempo and melody attached to it. The chorus is especially catchy. One thing is for certain after listening to the first few songs is that lead singer Francesca is a helluva talent. Not only does she handle the vocals, but she also chips in with piano, and string arrangements. That is not to slight the rest of the band however, as they are all excellent musicians. The 1-minute intro track “Reflect” gives way to “In Giving In”. Another excellent number, that I believe the band has shot a video for (check it out on their MySpace profile). That’s a solid choice since this would be a perfect introduction to the band. All the elements are presented here: solid guitar work, an impassioned vocal delivery and the inclusion of piano and violin make this song another highlight. “Isolation from the World” is a melancholic 2-minute pretty piano passage that segues into “Solitude”. This song slows things down a bit, but it is no less powerful than the ones before it. It is an emotional heart felt track. “Absence of Yourself”, “Words” and “Nothing Left of You” are other songs which deserve a special mention as they really display the power and strength of the material contained on this disc. Although there are 15 tracks provided on “Awakening” the CD clocks in at only a mere 37 minutes long. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The disc moves along at a brisk pace and the songs have an undeniably immediate impact. There are many short musical passages that do a fine job in creating a cool atmosphere and a bridge from one song to the next giving it an almost conceptual feel. “Awakening”  is a pleasurable listen. It is enhanced by the great songs and the tremendous musicianship and songwriting that Decembers Fall possesses. I am not sure if the band would consider this a concept album (no lyrics were included with the CD) but there is definitely a feeling of continuity with the songs and the overall feel of the CD. From top to bottom, “Awakening”  is a solid effort and definitely worth every bit of the attention it will hopefully receive.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Awekening
  2. 62606
  3. Falling Away
  4. Reflect
  5. In Giving In
  6. Isolation from the World
  7. Solitude
  8. Ellipsis
  9. Absence of Yourself
  10. Don’t Be Afraid
  11. Words
  12. In Between Words and Silence
  13. Silence
  14. Pale
  15. Nothing Left of You


Line Up

  • Francesca Scivetti – Vocals, Piano, Strings Arrangements
  • Luis – Guitars, String Arrangements, Electronica Production
  • Seann – Bass 
  • Joseph – Drums  



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