Deep Red Blood – “Red Dawn” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

From Spain comes the death metal band Deep Red Blood. Their 4-song, 20-minute debut EP, “Red Dawn” is out now. The opening track “Save Me from Death” hits the ground running behind a steady stream of machine gun like riffs and the guttural vocals of Débora Blanco. I was quite surprised at how technically proficient this band is, reminiscent of the great band death. The next track “Red Dawn” is just pure aggression as the band delivers some more huge riffs. The band also offers up some virtuoso guitar solos, courtesy of Enrique Vargas and Oscar Perez. The quietest moment on the CD is the intro to the next track “I’m Your Ruin” as it draws the listener into a false sense of security before evolving into the heaviest, most intense thing on “Red Dawn”. “Last Time I Fall” concludes the CD, as it began with some serious intensity. Some professional sounding production is also a huge plus here. “Red Dawn” is a barnstormer of a death metal CD from Deep Red Blood. Fans looking for some new Death Metal to support should definitely check out this Spanish band.  

Rating – 74/100



  1. Save Me from Death
  2. Red Dawn
  3. I’m Your Ruin
  4. Last Time I Fall 


Line Up

  • Débora Blanco – Vocals
  • Enrique Vargas – Guitar
  • Óscar Pérez – Guitar
  • Cristian Magán – Bass
  • Miguel A. Fernández – Drums 



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