Delia – “Spogad” (2010)


Label : ROK Music 

Review By Tony Cannella

From the Ukraine, the Symphonic Metal band Delia was formed in 2005. Their debut album, out now on ROK Music is titled “Spogad” or “Recollection” (the English translation). Delia sings mainly in their native language and display quite a lot of musical diversity and talent throughout the course of the 60-minutes or so we are treated to on “Spogad”.The vocalist Anastasia has a simply huge voice and the songs have a majestic quality to them, thanks to the combination of the vocals and musicianship that is on display. The 15-songs presented here have a rich texture to them, with the band utilizing choirs and symphony elements to contribute to the massive sound on the CD. There are many highlights on “Spogad” but my favorites were tracks 6 and 7. The 7th track (“Знайди мене”) in particular is a huge favorite, with Anastasia really delivering just a great vocal performance on this ballad. Throughout “Spogad”, Delia creates a definite mournful atmosphere and vibe that comes shining through loud and clear. “Spogad” is a potent debut from this excellent new voice in the Symphonic Metal genre.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Lumen (Sub ala angeli)
  2. Я буду чекати завжди
  3. Забутий край
  4. Відрада
  5. Новий час
  6. Мертве місто
  7. Знайди мене
  8. Привид
  9. Втомилась
  10. Осіння мелодія
  11. Межа
  12. Твоє ім’я
  13. Спогад
  14. Ілюзія (Bonus Track)
  15. Melodia otonala (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Anastasia – Vocals
  • Sergey – Guitar
  • Michael – Bass & Guitars
  • Vitaliy – Drums



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