Delight – “Anew” (2004)


Label : Metal Mind Productions

Review by John Davies

I wasn’t too familiar with this Polish band, but I decided to take a chance and try the only album of theirs that seemed to be available. I’m very glad I got it, because this is actually a pretty good CD! They have a strong power metal sound, with a nice touch of industrial mixed in. The first two songs, “Anew” and “More” especially sound very industrial, similar to the Kidney Thieves. “Emotune” is a more laid back gothic style song. Paula’s passionate vocals really stand out in the chorus of “Your Name”.“The Pact of Silence” is another strong industrial song, with crunchy drop-tuned guitars accompanied by eerie keyboards. “All That’s in Me” hits you right in the face with a really heavy guitar opening, followed by nice vocal passages, and later by a heavy metal bridge and distorted vocal chorus. “About You” has a really cool underlying bass line throughout the song that gives the song an especially interesting feel, and there are some terrific dark, heavy sections that help make this a stand out song. “Bare Tree” is certainly the best song as far as Paula’s vocals are concerned, with very rich harmonies and dreamy verses. The last song “Sleep” is just a silly instrumental filler, which is far too long and just prevents you from wanting to play this CD in random mode. I hate when they do that! I’d give this CD a 7/10 rating. It’s not mind blowing or incredible, but it’s pretty good. I would certainly try their other CD’s if I could find them anywhere.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Anew
  2. More
  3. Emotune
  4. Your Name
  5. Set Me Free
  6. The Pact of Silence
  7. All That’s In Me
  8. About You
  9. Bare Tree
  10. Sleep


Line Up

  • Paulina “Paula” Maslanka – Vocals
  • Jakub “Cube” Kubica – Keyboards
  • Grzegorz Gustof – Guitars
  • Jaroslaw “Jaro” Baran – Guitars
  • Maren Tkocz – Bass
  • Ziemowit “Ziemo” Rybarkiewicz – Drums 




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