Demon Lung – “Pareidolia” EP (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

Demon Lung was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010. Singer Shanda Frederick met Jeremy Brenton, the drummer and bass player Patrick Warren years ago. They were involved in Las Vegas metal scene since 2007 and after recruiting guitar player Phil Burns, they decided to create Demon Lung. Their main influences go back to the roots of traditional heavy-doom metal with a bit of psychedelic rock: Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Coven‘s Jinx Dawson. The music they play is a mix of all this: epic and doom metal with horror imagery and lyrics. Starting from 2011, they also supported big doom acts like Pentagram and Jucifer. “Pareidolia”, which means a perception of an image or a sound in an unexpected or natural environment, is a 4-track EP opened by “Lament Code”. What you immediately notice is the fact that drums, bass and also vocals are almost drowned by chunking guitar riffs. Shanda‘s vocal delivery is not very varied, but I guess this is not her main goal. She is more focused on hypnotizing the listener, with the words she utters that are almost like declaimed on stage. “Sour Ground” is a little bit more melodic, with the central break that is nice departure from the usual riff wall. Nothing different from what I have heard previously in “Death Mask”. I have to say that these track lean more in the metal side that on the psychedelic rock one. Nothing to worry about, but I thought it was a consideration worth making. Last track is the title-track “Pareidolia”, is an impressive doom metal piece, slow paced, mesmerizing, definetely the highlight of this EP. Demon Lung do not offer nothing new to their audience, but there is some talent, this cannot be denied. Lovers of classic heavy-doom metal will appreciate this release.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Lament Code
  2. Sour Ground
  3. Death Mask 
  4. Pareidolia


Line Up

  • Shanda Frederick – Vocals
  • Phil Burns – Guitars
  • Patrick Warren – Bass
  • Jeremy Brenton – Drums



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