Depressed Mode – “….for Death” (2009)

Label: Firedoom Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Finland’s Depressed Mode play a sort of atmospheric death metal. The line-up includes: Ossy Salonen (Vocals – synth), Natalie Koskinen (Vocals), Tomppa Turpeinen (Guitars),Teemu Heinola (Guitars), Henri Hakala (Bass) and Iiro Aittokoski (Drums). They have just issued their second album on Firebox titled “…For Death” and I must say, I’m speechless. The first track “Death Multiplies” starts out very serenely and then quickly builds into this heavy, chaotic track with movie soundtrack like music and many interesting time changes. The majority of the vocals are handled by Ossy on this one and his voice is just so strong and intimidating. It is just huge sounding. The next track “She’s Frozen” is just a classy exercise in death metal. This is hand’s down my favorite track as Natalie‘s vocals come in to help Ossy on this one. She adds a softer more ethereal touch and is a perfect contrast to her male counterpart. Next is “Loving a Shadow”. This is another favorite, as Natalie Koskinen really shines on this track. “The Scent” is next and it starts off with a down tuned heavy riff and Ossy‘s vocals come in at almost a whisper, and the song slowly builds from there. The vocals are handled mostly by Ossy on this one. “Prologue to the Thousand Skies” is next and it is just a haunting instrumental piece that leads us into “Tunnel of Pain”. Other highlights include: “A Glimpse of Tomorrow”, “A Sigh” and “…for Death”. The music of Depressed Mode is quite an interesting ride indeed. I’ll be the first to admit that I am no great authority on the death metal genre but Depressed Mode seem to have something a little bit more unique going on. The melancholic keyboard passages and movie soundtrack style music are a nice touch and the whole presentation is top notch. …For Death” is an album that I enjoyed immensely. Depressed Mode have taken a fresh approach and it pays off big time. 

Rating – 85/100



  1. Death Multiplies
  2. She’s Frozen
  3. Loving a Shadow
  4. The Scent
  5. Prologue to the Thousand Skies
  6. Tunnel of Pain
  7. A Glimpse of Tomorrow
  8. A Sigh…
  9. …For Death


Line Up 

  • Ossy Salonen – Vocals & Synth
  • Natalie Koskinen – Vocals
  • Tomppa Turpeinen – Guitar 
  • Teemu Heinola – Guitars
  • Henri Hakala – Bass
  • Iiro Aittokoski – Drums



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