Desideria – “End the Curse” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Si Smith

Desideria was a subject for Englishman Wordsworth’s poetry and also of an Italian fantasy mini-series. It is unclear if either of these have been an inspiration, as this Desideria come from Strasbourg, France. What we do know is that there are seven of them. Dressed all in black. Fear them. “Dragon’s Bravest Blizzard” begins with the sound-effect of a blizzard, followed by some ice-cold riffs which usher in some growled vocals. Suddenly a fairy voice come through, and a lilting flute accompanies a melodic female vocal break before returning to the growls dripping with ice and snow. The vocals are effectively interchanged throughout the remainder of the track, which is very black metal guitar driven. Dramatic keyboards introduce “Another Dimension” which quickly rises to black metal fulness, again interspersed with the female vocal for which the music slows temporarily. But pretty soon the black metal wall of riffs resumes and the overall sound of the band returns. The female vocals seem to act as a contrast to the black metal, as they aften accompany different riffs to the main riff of the song. However there is no doubt left that this is largely a black metal offering. “Island of Death” slams into us like a locomotive with low lumbering guitars, which lead to the almost obligatory tinkly female part. It is refreshing to hear a change of pace for the band, although the female parts seem to lack something in the creativity department. “” introduces a little creativity to the mix, with some slower female parts and melodic guitars. Again the female lead is ethereal and gossamer compared to the solid shrieks of the death/black vocal counterpart. “Knight of Hope” arrives with a driving riff and growls, followed by more slightly indistinct female vocals in the middle register. Male vocals vary here from low death growls to black metal rasps. The female vocals play a greater part in this song, as the damsel in distress awaits her knight of hope. “The Lion’s Den” is performed by keyboards once again and is a slower atmospheric intro to “Lightning Bolt” which races full pace across your brain like a thousand rampaging horses champing at the bit. Less of the female input here makes for a stronger song, complete with melodic guitar parts and rasping and clean male vocals. “Excalibur” is suitably gloomy and epic, and the female vocal returns a bit more effectively in this slower pace. Guitars and black metal rasps carry this song into epic territory once again, as befits the subject matter. The pace increases once again for “Wolf’s Cruelty Claw”, and the band seem back in full force again after the slower interlude. Solid chorus, great vocals, good atmosphere. The album comed full-circle with “Deliverance” containing the return of the blizzard sound-effect from the first track. So generally speaking this is interspersed male and female vocals over a solid black metal backdrop. The female vocals are a little indistinct and the whole thing lacks a certain creativity but is saved by some stronger songs in the second half of the album. Worth checking out if you like your black metal with some female vocals in to provide a contrast. It will be interesting to see what this band can do to progress on the next album.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Dragon Bravest Blizzard
  2. Another Dimension
  3. Island Of Death
  5. Knight of Hope
  6. The Lion’s Den
  7. Lightning Bolt
  8. Excalibur
  9. Wolf Cruelty Claw
  10. Délivrance


Line Up

  • Pascal – Singer
  • Angela – Female Singer
  • Sam – Guitar
  • Julien – Guitar
  • Jérémie – Keyboards
  • Marc – Bass
  • Tim – Drums



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