Diathra – “My Endless Sorrow” (2008)



Label : Stygian Crypt Productions

Review by Luisa Mercier

“My Endless Sorrow” is the second album of this Eastern Europe gothic metal band.  They hail from Belarus and deliver us a gothic-doom which leans more on the gothic side than the doom one, I have to say. The music is quite up-tempo and strongly connected to heavy metal while the gothic flavor is given by keyboards and some hint of strings here and there. The vocals of Marina are quite simple, no operatic singing, but they shine through the music and sometimes have a growler as counterpart, creating the classic “beauty and the beast” contrast. Listen to “Dreams of Fire”, for example. “My Autumnal Images” is a nice power-ballad with almost a modern feeling, while the following “I Feel…” is maybe the doomier song on the album. The pace is slow pointed by keyboards and the atmosphere is overall romantic.The following songs are all in the same veins: heavy riffs and heavenly vocals, mid-tempo riffs and male growls. “My Endless Sorrow” is a good record and lovers of gothic metal will love it for sure.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Autumn
  2. How Many Times
  3. Dreams of Fire
  4. My Autumnal Images
  5. I Feel
  6. Mysterious Season
  7. I Am Sorry
  8. My Universe
  9. The Light of the Diamond Theatre
  10. Willow


Line Up

  • Marina Volovik – Vocals
  • Dmitriy Laptenok – Vocals, Keyboards
  • Dmitriy Tracevski – Guitar
  • Michail Sobol – Guitar
  • Alexey Savchenko – Bass (Session)
  • Ivan Protazov – Drums (Session)




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