Dimlight – “Obtenebration” (2009)


Label : Emotion Art Music

Review by Tony Cannella

From Greece, Dimlight play Dark Gothic/Symphonic Metal, with some Death Metal overtones. Their debut album “Obtenebration” is out now and the CD contain 12-songs and 45-minutes worth of relentlessly fierce songs, with the duel male/female vocals supplied by Sanna and guitarist Invoker at the helm.The intense intro “Preludium” gets us ready for the symphonically charged “Dimlight”. Here you get the mixture of the sweet vocals of Sanna combined with the more extreme vocals provided by Invoker. You also get a sense of the high level of musicianship that the band is capable of. The opening of the next track, “Path of Ritual” begins chaotically before settling into a melodic groove and alternates the rest of the way between being melodic and frenzied. “Obtenebration” moves along at a swift pace with the next few songs, “Absense of Light”, “Dark Emotion”, “R.I.D.”, “Lost in a Dream” and “Death Premonition” really doing an excellent job in moving things along. On “Obtenebration”, Dimlight do a great job in bringing together various Metal sub-genres to create a pretty consistently satisfying debut.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Preludium
  2. Dimlight
  3. Path of Ritual
  4. Confession
  5. The Demon
  6. Absense of Light
  7. Dark Emotion
  8. R.I.D.
  9. Lost in a Dream
  10. Death Premonition
  11. Requiem
  12. Postludium “O”


Line Up

  • Sanna Salou – Female Vocals
  • Invoker – Guitars and Vocals
  • Darien – Keyboards
  • Makis – Bass
  • Daffy – Drums



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