Disdained – “Kill My Only Enemy” (2011)


Label : Disdained Entertaiment/Rambo Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Unfortunately, Sweden’s Disdained are currently a band without a record label. This is a shame really, because after listening to their debut album “Kill My Only Enemy”, it is quite clear that Disdained packs all of the power and professionalism of a seasoned outfit. Once again, this is a female fronted band that gets stuck with the ‘Gothic’ tag, and I have to be honest, I don’t really see them as a gothic band. Musically, they add symphonic touches in conjunction with heavy riffs and the beautiful vocals of Therese Thomsson – which are not of the operatic variety. She’s just got a strong, soaring metal voice. I would say they have more to do with Power Metal than Gothic Metal, but that’s only my opinion. The intro, “Prelude to a Dream” segues nicely into the opener “Eternal Night”. The first thing that hit me was the expressiveness of Therese Thomsson’s vocals. Next up we have “Longing for Serenity” which some fans may remember from the Beauty and Brutality compilation album. This song carries loads of atmosphere with it and a powerful vibe. The ultra melodic “Kill My Only Enemy” is next and should go down great live. The next two tracks, “Numb” and “Two Pages” are okay, but it is the next track “I Live for Your Pain” which quickly became a favorite of mine. This is one of the more aggressive tracks and features some grunt vocals to go along with Therese’s classy delivery. “Redemption”, “Trust” and “Dreams Never Come True” are next before the whole thing is concluded with the outro, “The End”. Here’s hoping that some label will smarten up and give Disdained the opportunity they deserve. “Kill My Only Enemy” is one powerhouse of a debut.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Prelude to a Dream
  2. Eternal Night
  3. Longing for Serenity
  4. Kill My Only Enemy
  5. Numb
  6. Two Pages
  7. I Live for Your Pain
  8. Redemption
  9. Trust
  10. Dreams Never Come True
  11. The End


Line Up

  • Therese Thomsson – Vocals
  • Niklas Dahlin – Lead guitar, backing vocals & programming
  • Johan Hartman – Guitars
  • Tomas Stolt – Bass & Backing vocals
  • Johan Persson – Drums



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