Divine Ascension – “As the Truth Appears” (2011)


Label : Nightmare Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The debut album from the Australian power metal outfit Divine Ascension, “As the Truth Appears”, is a high energy album that certainly gives many established power metal bands a run for their money. Divine Ascension features the impressive, dynamic and soaring vocals of Jennifer Borg. The band first formed in 2007 and released a three song demo that same year. Two of those songs “Garden of Evil” and “Vision Divine” can now be heard on their debut. Power metal has become an increasingly crowded sun-genre in metal with female and male fronted bands alike battling for exposure. Some bands make the grade, some don’t. Musically, Divine Ascension doesn’t really have anything new to bring to the genre, which is okay, because everything has been done anyway. Instead the band brings a majestic, passionate approach to their music, this isn’t just cookie cutter power metal, there is definitely something substantial within this 10-song 50-minute debut. Songs like the opener “Answers” (which the band also filmed a video for), “Visionary” and “In My Mind” are all played with great precision and Jennifer’s vocals had me awestruck. The songs all have an undeniable melodicism to them and also feature touches of progressive metal here-and-there. “Vision Divine”, the huge sounding “Guided by Osiris” and the heavy, straight-forward approach of “One Last Caress” keep the album going in a powerful direction. Divine Ascension is quite skilled at writing some great songs as “Garden of Evil” and “Another Battlefield” will attest to. Divine Ascension is an excellent band with a lot of promise. The band members each play their parts with great meticulousness and that, combined with the amazing vocals of Jennifer Borg is what will surely take Divine Ascension and “As the Truth Appears” to the next level in the realm of power metal.

Rating – 81/100



  1. Answers
  2. Visionary
  3. In My Mind
  4. Vision Divine
  5. Guided by Osiris
  6. One Last Caress
  7. Garden of Evil
  8. Another Battlefield
  9. Civilization
  10. Unscathed


Line Up

  • Jennifer Borg – Vocals
  • Karl Szulik – Guitars
  • Robb Inglis – Guitars
  • David Van Pelt – Keyboards
  • Simon Mahoney – Bass
  • Luke Wenczel – Drums



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