Djerv – “Djerv” (2011)


Label : Indie Recordings

Review by Tony Cannella

On their debut 3-song EP, Norway’s Djerv demonstrated their blunt brand of raw Hard Rock, combined with a punk-like energy and enthusiasm. On their self-titled full-length debut “Djerv” returns with a 9-song, 36-minute album that is equivalent to an audio knockout punch. The crushing angst-driven opener “Madman” gets things off to a screaming start, thanks in large part to the attention grabbing vocals courtesy of Agnete Kjølsrud. From there, Djerv just keeps on hitting hard and fast. Among the 9-songs contained here, fans of the band will notice that three of the songs made up Djerv’s debut EP “Headstone”. “Headstone”, “Ladder to the Moon” and “Immortal” is those three songs and they fit in quite nicely with the rest of the material. The songs pack a huge wallop, the riffs are plenty and powerful and each song has an infectious groove running through it. The songs also feature plenty of attitude and their punk-like energy and exuberance remains happily intact as well. Some of the highlights are: “The Bowling Pin”, “Gruesome Twosome” and “Blind the Heat”, in addition to the three EP songs. Not all bands that come from Norway are Black Metal. Sure it seems like that sometimes, but with their self-titled debut, Djerv delivers a hard rocking, energetic tour-de-force.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Madman
  2. The Bowling Pin
  3. Headstone
  4. Gruesome Twosome
  5. Only I Exist
  6. Ladder to the Moon
  7. Abmuse
  8. Blind the Heat
  9. Immortal


Line Up

  • Agnete Kjølsrud – Vocals
  • Stian Kårstad – Guitar
  • Erlend Gjerde – Drums



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