Domina Noctis – “Second Rose” (2008)


Label: Black Fading Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Italy’s Domina Noctis have existed since 1999. They play a melodic brand of gothic metal and they have just issued their second full-length CD titled “Second Rose”. The band line-up looks like this: Edera (Vocals), Asher (Guitars), Azog (Bass), Ruyen (Keyboards) and Nicola Corradi (Drums). Getting right into it with the opening track “Electric Dragonfly”. A solid opener that gets us off and running. “Untold” is next and is another solid track. “Into Hades” is next and is really one of the many highlights. Just a melodic metal masterpiece that is really well written and well produced. The biggest surprise is their version of the Patti Smith 70’s rock classic “Because the Night”. This has always been a great song and Domina Noctis have done a great version of the song in their own style. It works really well and is a great addition to their repertoire. The vocals of Edera are strong and a perfect fit for the band and the melodies are so damn infectious that you have to give them the due. “Lamia” is next and is another highpoint and it features a cool guitar riff and the soaring vocals of Edera. Other highlights include: “Sisters in Melancholy”, “Broken Flowers” and “The Mask”. Italy has produced another fine band. Domina Noctis are a band that has all of the ingredients to make their mark in the metal realm. Second Rose” is a bold statement from a band who I am sure will be heard from in the future. Domina Noctis are described as a goth band and I will admit to not even being sure what constitutes a goth band these days. Just because they have a female singer, does that make them a goth band? Not in my opinion. Sure I suppose there are those qualities included in some of the songs onSecond Rose” but the beauty of this CD and band is that it should be able to appeal to wide range of metal fans if given the chance. Overall quite an impressive CD and band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Electric Dragonfly
  2. Untold
  3. Into Hades
  4. Because the Night
  5. Lamia
  6. Sisters in Melancholy
  7. Broken Flowers
  8. Exile
  9. The Mask
  10. Bang Bang (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Edera – Vocals
  • Asher – Guitars
  • Ruyen – Keyboards
  • Azog – Bass
  • Niko – Drums



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