Doro – “Celebrate – The Night of the Warlock” EP (2008)


Label: AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

On December 2008, Doro has celebrated her 25th anniversary as a performer. Man, how time flies. The German metal queen has released a 5-song EP, appropriately titled “Celebrate – The Night of the Warlock”. This is a very special release that fans of Doro and fans of metal in general should eat up. This EP contains three distinctively different versions of the title song. The first is just Doro on lead vocals with some help from her fan club on background vocals on the chorus. This gives the song a totally live and energetic feeling. You can envision an arena full of Doro -maniacs singing along. The next version of the song features special guest vocals by one Mr. Biff Byford of one the most legendary bands of all time (in my book anyway) Saxon. It is always a pleasure to hear Biff’s vocals and he and Doro have tremendous chemistry together. The third and final version of the song features an all star line-up of female metal stars. It really is a whose who. Just some of the singers represented are: Floor from After Forever, Sabina from Holy Moses, Liv from Leaves’ Eyes, Veronica from Benedictum, Angela from Arch Enemy and the girls from Girlschool – just to name a few. The song itself is truly a great song, that is indeed a celebration for anyone who loves rock and especially metal. “The Night of Warlock” is next and it begins with an eerie intro featuring a demonic male voice, but quickly turns into a rousing rocker. With the title DORO once again gives a little nod and a wink to her past but the song itself fits right into her current catalog. The final song “Rescue Me”, is a beautiful heart-felt ballad. Something that Doro has become known for over the years and this will not disappoint. The final verdict is this: “Celebrate – The Night of the Warlock” contain 5-songs and 23-minutes worth of music that is more than just a celebration of 25 years of performing on a stage. It is also a celebration for those of us who have been along for such an incredible journey – a journey that will continue for a long time to come. Get it!

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  1. Celebrate
  2. Celebrate (feat.Biff Byford)
  3. Celebrate (Full Metal Version)
  4. The Night of the Warlock


Line Up

  • Doro Pesch – Vocals
  • Joe Taylor – Guitars
  • Oliver Palotai – Keyboards,Guitar
  • Luca Princiotta – Guitars,Keyboards
  • Nick Mitchell – Bass 
  • Johnny Dee – Drums  



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