Doro feat. Onkel Tom Angelripper – “Merry Metal X-Mas” SINGLE (2011)


Label : Nuclear Blast Records

Review by Tony Cannella

It’s that time of year again. The weather turns colder, the days shorter, snow, lights, bells, whistles. Yes, it’s Christmas time once again. As the commerciality of the season runs rampant I can’t think of two better artists to show us the true meaning of Christmas than the German Metal Queen Doro Pesch and Onkel Tom Angelripper from German thrashers Sodom and their new single “Merry Metal X-Mas”. There are two versions of the song included on the single, with Doro and Onkel Tom performing a duet. The song is fairly simplistic with a great big huge and memorable chorus. A cool solo is included with the song, but obviously the main focus is Doro’s and Angelripper’s vocals, who really sound great together. The second version of the single is a re-mix called the 5 Bierchen Später Mix. This version has the same spirit as the main version, but perhaps not as heavy. Honestly, I can’t really hear much of a difference between the two.This is quite an interesting collaboration between two icons at different ends of the metal spectrum, and one that should please fans of both artists. Maybe this is not your traditional Christmas carol, but it should work quite well for us metal heads. Here’s to a heavy headbanging, Merry Metal X-mas to all of us.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Merry Metal Xmas         
  2. Merry Metal Xmas (Fünf Bierchen später Mix)


Line Up

  • Doro Pesch – Vocals
  • Onkel Tom Angelripper – Vocals



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