Draconian – “A Rose for the Apocalypse” (2011)


Label : Napalm Records

Review by Si Smith

The album starts quite explosively with “The Drowning Age” but after the intro the song soon settles into the familiar sound of Draconian. Growls are instantly coherent, and the female vocals lilt in and out like beautiful wisps of cloud. Slow passages trade places with midpaced doom to create a synthesis only Draconian can accomplish to this level. The first track is highly reminiscent of some of the material off “Arcane Rain Fell”, and it is here that the comparison bears fruit. I was a little disappointed by Draconian‘s last offering, but for me this is a return to the old glories. Highly lyrical and melodic, the slow-to-mid pace continues into “The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight”, as the female voice takes first place in the vocal duet this time. “End of the Road” interjects a little variety into the mix by starting more aggressively before slowly returning to form. Once again the melodies are appealing and memorable. “Elysian Night”, the longest track on the album at 7:58, introduces some single note riffs before the dreamy female vocals take precedence. “Deadlight” has misty arpeggios by the dozen, and more beautiful guitar work. The album continues much in the same vein, finishing with a funeral paced intro to a song appropriately entitled “The Death of Hours”, bringing the album to a meandering conclusion. In short, this is everything you would expect from a good Draconian album. All the trademarks are there, with more melody and more female vocals I think this time around. If you long for the glory days of “Arcane Rain Fell” then go get it. A worthy purchase, and definitely contender for album of the year in some circles!

Rating – 95/100



  1. The Drowning Age
  2. The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight
  3. End of the Rope
  4. Elysian Night
  5. Deadlight
  6. Dead World Assembly
  7. A Phantom Dissonance
  8. The Quiet Storm
  9. The Death of Hours


Line Up

  • Anders Jacobsson – Vocals
  • Lisa Johansson – Vocals
  • Johan Ericson – Guitars
  • Daniel Arvidsson – Guitars
  • Fredrik Johansson – Bass
  • Jerry Torstensson – Drums



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