Dyonisis – “Dyonisis” (2007)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Dyonisis hail from Sheffield, England. They feature not one, but two highly talented female singers in their ranks. The singers Lou Welsby and Nel Cave each add their own style and emotions to the proceedings. The band is completed by Tom Chaffer (guitars & programming) and Marcus Cave (bass). Dyonisis have just released their self-titled debut and it is an exercise in lush, ethereal soundscapes and a bit of the melancholy that really set it apart from many of the current crops of female fronted bands. “Hunter” starts things off and it is a great opener. The interplay between the two vocalists is nothing short of breathtaking. The harmonies between the two are very emotional and they keep the listener interested throughout. In fact, that is a real strength of the band. Next we have, “Reaching”, another melodic gem that keeps a nice pace going forward. “Xact” starts of with a cool riff from Tom Chaffer and then really takes flight. Perhaps, the highlight here is the 3-minute track “Pretty at a Distance”.This song features no music, just Lou and Nel‘s vocals acapella. The song has a very big feeling and the vocals have a choir-like feel to them. This is like nothing I have heard in quite some time and you have to give the high marks for trying something different – and it works! This song is nothing short of brilliant. “Remember Me” is another favorite. It has a vibe that is very emotional and from the heart. Other highlights include: “Winter”“Step Away” and “Distance”.The 10-minute track “Rainy Day” brings things to a close on an epic note. Despite it’s length “Rainy Day” never gets boring and it is a perfect way to end things. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the guitar work of Tom Chaffer. His playing is solid and he is the perfect fit for this band. To pigeonhole this band as just another metal band would be wrong. There are various influences and styles on display here and that is the strength of Dyonisis. There music may not be easily digestible for some, but after a few listens, I was headed for the ‘play’ button once again. I can’t say enough good things about them, I admire their originality and dedication. The bottom line is this, Dyonisis has a delivered an album of 9-songs and 46-minutes worth of avant-garde and ethereal music that was pleasing to these ears. I for one, can’t wait to see what they do next.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Hunter
  2. Reaching
  3. Xact
  4. Winter
  5. Pretty at a Distance
  6. Step Away
  7. Remember Me
  8. Distance 
  9. Rainy Day


Line Up

  • Nel Cave – Vocals
  • Lou Welsby – Vocals
  • Tom Chaffer – Guitars and Programming
  • Marcus Cave – Bass



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