Dyonisis – “Intoxicated” (2010)


Label : Singed Records

Review By Tony Cannella

I was a huge fan of the 2007 self-titled debut from the U.K.’s Dyonisis. That was followed up by the “Blue Shift” EP in 2008. Now the band has issued their second full-length titled “Intoxicated”, which I was very excited to hear. I am happy to say that on their sophomore effort, Dyonisis has not disappointed, all of the elements are still in place that made their debut such an interesting and unpredictable ride, while the band has still managed to progress. Dyonisis are still fronted by the duel female vocal attack of Nel and Lou (she also plays piano), to create a unique musical style that is virtually impossible to categorize. As a point of reference, it is always easy to say that this band, ‘sounds like this or that band’, but with Dyonisis, I can’t think of one band who they sound like, or can be favorably compared to. The band really has managed to forge its own path and that can be heard on “Intoxicated”. The CD contains 11-songs and a playing time of almost an hour, and in that time you get some wonderfully beautiful vocal harmonies performed by Nel and Lou, and some brilliantly performed ethereal, atmospheric music that definitely does paint a musical picture. The short (2-minutes) intro track “We Are…” is a great opener that features the vocal tandem of Nel and Lou in all of their harmonic glory.  A great opener that leads us into “Of the Fear” and the equally potent “Inside Out” follows. Other highlights include: “Arachne’s Song”, “Eve’s Song”, “Flown”, “Dead to Me” and the closing number, “Lunatic”. “Intoxicated” is a great CD to listen to on headphones and just get lost in the music and lyrics. With “Intoxicated” Dyonisis has issued the perfect follow-up to their self-titled debut. This is definitely a band that deserves to be heard and hopefully, with “Intoxicated”, Dyonisis will get the following that they so richly deserve. With “Intoxicated”, fans of their first album should fall even more in love with Dyonisis.

Rating – 90/100



  1. We Are…
  2. Of The Fear
  3. Inside Out
  4. Arachne’s Song
  5. Eve’s Song
  6. Smart Mouth
  7. Oxygen
  8. Flown
  9. Dead to Me
  10. Ashes
  11. Lunatic


Line Up

  • Nel Cave – Vocals
  • Louisa Welsby – Vocals and Piano
  • Tom Chaffer – Guitars and Programming
  • Marcus Cave – Bass



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