EarlyRise – “What If” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

On their debut album, Israel’s EarlyRise demonstrate a definite accessibility factor to go along with their hard edged, hard rock approach. I would never use the dreaded word “commercial” to describe EarlyRise, but their songs boast great modern melodic rock flair, that drives this 52-minute debut and also helps to make it such an enjoyable listen.In addition to its melodic hard rock elements, EarlyRise also manage to incorporate some modern rock touches into the mix. The opening track “Become Mad” sets the tempo and is a solid opener that is dominated by a pretty cool guitar riff at the beginning of the track. The next song is the excellent attitude heavy which immediately became my favorite. “What If” starts off with piano, before developing into a pretty potent melodic rock track. “Memories” is a wistful piano driven ballad that slows the tempo down a bit. Other highlights: “Old Friend”, “Face Me”, “Goodbye” and “Falling to the Ground”. There is a lot to like about “What If”, especially the wonderful vocals of Orly Lari as she proves that she just may be a rising star in the world of melodic rock. Musically and vocally, EarlyRise are just an excellent rock band who occasionally strays into metal territory. “What If” should appeal to fans of Evanescence and Paramore, but beyond that, if you are a fan of good Hard Rock music, than EarlyRise is deserving of a listen.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Become Mad
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. What If
  4. Memories
  5. Old Friend
  6. Face Me
  7. China
  8. Shell
  9. Wasteland
  10. Goodbye
  11. Over
  12. Junkie
  13. Falling to the Ground


Line Up

  • Orly Lari – Vocals, Piano
  • Raz Klinghoffer – Guitar & Bass
  • Itamar Goldwesser – Drums


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