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Review by Tony Cannella 

The female fronted Progressive Metal band Earthlight was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 2007. Three short years later Earthlight has issued their first recorded material, a 3-song EP called “Gleams of Dawn”. I have to say that when one hears the phrase Progressive Rock or Metal bandied about, you usually expect songs with ultra-intricate, sweeping and epic arrangements. Earthlight manages to incorporate Progressive elements, set to a heavy guitar dominated back drop. “The Call” begins the 3-song set with just a massive guitar riff that pretty much takes over this powerful opener. “Virtual World” is more of a mid-tempo song, which showcases the forceful vocal style of Valerie Frogneux.Once again this song is highlighted by the cool guitar riff and some stellar drumming courtesy of Joao Felipe Penna. “Awake” brings us to the end of this too short release. This sound has a pounding rhythm galloping through the track similar to early Iron Maiden and Valerie really does a heck of a job on this one – she does on the whole EP – but on “Awake” especially, she really spreads her vocal wings. “Gleams of Dawn” is an excellent first effort from Earthlight. Fans who love progressive metal like Dream Theater combined with relentlessly heavy guitar-driven music should give this band a shot. 

Rating – 75/100 



  1. The Call
  2. Virtual World
  3. Awake


Line Up 

  • Valerie Frogneux – Vocals
  • Bruno Leroux – Guitars
  • Julien de Hollogne – Keyboards
  • Emmanuel Delettrez – Bass
  • Joao Felipe Penna – Drums



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