Eatliz – “Delicately Violent” EP (2010)


Label : Anova Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel the pop, prog rock band Eatliz seems to be picking up some momentum, thanks in part to their latest album “Teasing Nature”. This album however was released in 2009 and is a 7-song EP. “Delicately Violent” followed their 2008 debut “Violently Delicate”. The laid back “Food Fighters” starts things off and is followed by the acoustic opening of “Fire”, another slower one. As on “Teasing Nature”, vocalist Lee Triffon has proven to be a very charismatic front lady with a voice to match. The next track “Must Get Laid” (You’ve got to love that title!), speeds things up a bit and is barely over two minutes long is features a male vocalist throughout with Lee Triffon singing background vocals. Eatliz speeds things up even more with the two minute, almost punk-like “Spliff”. This – in my opinion – is the best song and the perfect showcase for how diverse Eatliz is capable of being. “No Feelings” is another heavy one with some wicked guitar riffs, which offers some tempo changes as well. The whole 21-minute package is concluded by a haunting cover of the Björk song “Army of Me”. To say that Eatliz are eclectic is an understatement. This band moves in so many different directions that it is hard keep up with them sometimes, but fans that enjoy adventurous prog music with a pop twist should enjoy the ride.

Rating – 73/100



  1. Food Fighters
  2. Fire
  3. Spliff
  4. Must Get Laid
  5. Pink Bible
  6. No Feelings
  7. Army of Me


Line Up

  • Lee Triffon – Vocals
  • Guy Ben Shitrit – Guitars
  • Or Bahir – Guitars
  • Omer Hirshman – Guitars
  • Hadar Green – Bass
  • Omry Hanegby – Drums



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