Eatliz – “Teasing Nature” (2010)


Label : Anova Music

Review by Tony Cannella

The 2nd full-length album from Israel’s Eatliz, “Teasing Nature”, can be quite a challenge to listen to at times. I don’t mean that in a bad way, their brand of prog rock/metal, mixed with various other genres really defies description and thus is as experimental as anything that I have heard in recent memory. Eatliz is fronted by the charismatic vocals of Lee Triffon. She is really underrated and helps to drive “Teasing Nature”. The music contained on “Teasing Nature” is eclectic to say the least as Eatliz really has not set any boundaries for themselves, as the songs flow seamlessly from one to the next and then the next. This eclectic collection includes some interesting, complex moments like: the opener “Your House”. This is one of my favorites and is pretty indicative of what to expect throughout the CD. This is certainly not an album that will make an immediate impact. Other highlights include: “Zoo”, “Berlin”, “O.K.”, “Lose This Child” and “Mystical Lady”. I will admit to not being blown away at first listen, and I still don’t know if I love it – but with the level of musicianship and the uniqueness of Eatliz, I would definitely recommend this to my prog friends. This is something that definitely grows on you, and I found myself liking it more with each listen. With “Teasing Nature”, Eatliz has released an adventurous, experimental prog rock creation that is as interesting as it is creative.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Your House
  2. Zoo
  3. Berlin
  4. O.K.
  5. Falling Up
  6. Got It
  7. Lose This Child
  8. Nine
  9. Voice Over
  10. Goldie
  11. Tears
  12. Mystical Lady


Line Up

  • Lee Triffon – Lead Vocals
  • Guy Ben Shetrit – Guitar & Vocals
  • Or Bahir – Guitar
  • Hadar Green – Bass & Vocals
  • Omri Hanegbi – Drums 



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