Eatliz – “Violently Delicate” (2008)


Label : Anova Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Tel Aviv, Israel’s prog pop band Eatliz has – up to this point – released two full-length albums and one EP. Their debut “Violently Delicate” was released way back in 2008, but for fans who loved their latest release “Teasing Nature”, this is a good chance to see how things started for this eclectic and unique band. The album begins rather quietly with the piano intro of “Bolsheviks” before getting substantially heavier. This is a good way to begin things, showing off the bands quirky style. The overall vibe is that “Violently Delicate” is a bit heavier than what comes after. The intricate track “Violently Delicate” is just all over the place, but it is also one of the best songs. “Attractive” is next and slows the tempo down a bit, I’m a bit hesitant to call it a ballad, but it does come close to that territory. This is another excellent track, and a change of pace for the band. “Hey” is another heavier one, but as the norms with Eatliz don’t get too comfortable as tempo changes abound. Other highlights include, “Sunshine”, “Say Where”, “Big Fish” and “I Don’t Care”.  Honestly, Eatliz will not appeal to everyone, and at first I had no idea what to make of them. They are often referred to as a prog band, but I’m not sure if that label even aptly describes them. Sure, they are progressive in that they are a “forward” thinking band, but to put them in one category of music is impossible. In my opinion, it is difficult for a band to do something truly unique while still coming out with a coherent piece of work. Eatliz manages to do just that. Eatliz has been one band who has managed to fly under the radar. Hopefully their latest album “Teasing Nature” will change all that. I have liked all three of their releases but in my opinion their debut is their best – taking nothing away from what came after. If you are new to this rather unique band than “Violently Delicate” is a perfect opportunity to see how it all began.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Bolsheviks
  2. Violently Delicate
  3. Attractive
  4. Hey
  5. Sunshine
  6. Say Where
  7. Big Fish
  8. I Don’t Care
  9. Mix Me
  10. Be Invisible
  11. Whore
  12. Mountain Top


Line Up

  • Lee Triffon – Vocals
  • Guy Ben Shitrit – Guitars
  • Or Bahir – Guitars
  • Amit Erez – Guitars
  • Hadar Green – Bass
  • Omri Hanegbi – Drums



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