Label : Blinding Force Recordings

Review By Tony Cannella

It is always fun to check out new bands – especially ones that make a good impression. The metal landscape is so vast these days with so many different styles and presentations, with the realm of symphonic power metal becoming an especially crowded sub-genre. Echoterra is one of the newest members in the world of symphonic metal and they feature a group of talented members who are past and present members Pyramaze, Therion and Avian, not a bad pedigree. Their debut release is titled “The Law of One” and it is a very promising first step for this band to take.The intro track “Manifest Eternity” is 2-minutes that set a definite mood and feel, before the band launches into the track “The Will of Life”. After this song, there is no denying the talent of the band, especially keyboardist Jonah Weingarten (of Pyramaze), but the entire band holds their own. Vocalist Suvi Virtanen (ex-Therion) provides an operatic presence to the songs and the guitar playing of Yan Leviathan is really energetic and emotive. “In Your Eyes” is next and it starts with a orchestral intro before really getting into the song and just soaring on the wings of Suvi‘s great operatic vocals, a great melodic track that is a definite highlight. “A Tear of Her Heart”, “The Wind Surrounds You” and “To Live Again” keep things on track. Hands down my favorite track on the CD would have to be “Say, Try, Lie, Die”, just a great metal track that sees the band firing on all cylinders. “Beyond the Seven Seas” and “Water Falls” are two more highlights and the orchestral version of “Say, Try, Lie, Die” closes the CD. I’m not sure if Echoterra is just a one off or the band plans on recording more material in the future, I would hope that it would be the latter, because “The Law of One” features some pretty good material. All fans of female fronted symphonic, operatic metal should check this band out.

Rating – 85/100


  1. Manifest Eternity
  2. The Will of Life
  3. In Your Eyes
  4. A Tear of Her Heart
  5. The Wind Surrounds You
  6. To Live Again
  7. Say, Try, Lie, Die
  8. Beyond the Seven Seas
  9. Water Falls
  10. Say, Try, Lie, Die (Orchestral Version)

Line Up

  • Suvi Virtanen – Vocals
  • Yan Leviathan – Guitars
  • Johah Weingarten – Keys, Piano, Orchestration & Pirate Vocals
  • Brian Hollenbeck – Bass & Vocals
  • John Gensmer – Drums



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